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A Screenplay for a Major Motion Picture:





Nancy Wilson


W.G.A. Reg. # 807177





 At the birth of Stonehenge,

 an angel bearing a HEARPE  

splits the primitive Druid tribe,

 between those who play it,

 and those who build a weapon from it,

     While a young Druid and his sister are cast

      On vastly different journeys into the future 



   To promote world peace and as a metaphor for the modern mass media


  Our Film Portrays a tribe of Celtic people-

     The “DRUID” TRIBE


The time unspecified: many years before Christ

 MID-NEOLITHIC period- approximately 3500 B.C.


 It is the time

 of the birth of STONEHENGE !





               lives in a heavily wooded forest

               In a territory based on competition

               with other tribes around them


******* They live in a small camp

                surrounded by a fence- There is a wooden

                fortification built by a huge stone

                at the camp’s entrance


******* They live in primitive wooden shelters

                 made from materials of the forests,

                 There are crude stonewalls,

                 the roofs of their huts are thatch


******* They have weapons of spears

                with rock and bone points, stone axes

                They also carry slings and stones

                and have primitive tools


******* They have some crude wooden carts,   

                 woven baskets and clay vessels


******* They raise a very few crops,

                 and keep some animals:

               goats and fowl used for winter sustenance


****** The men hunt for wild boar,

                squirrels and rabbits

               Protect the camp from wild wolves

               and panthers

                And defend the DRUID territory


****** The women gather fruit,

               draw water from the river,

               tend to livestock and care for the young


The DRUID CAMP is in an area now called

                        the SALISBURY PLAINS

In what is now known as

                   the COUNTY OF WILTSHIRE ENGLAND


Our film begins in early summer-

                      The Long Days of Sunshine-

                              And Nights of Soft Rainfall….