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At STONEHENGE‘S birth- an angel with a harp- splits the Druid tribe-

between those who worship with it- and those who kill…..

While a young Druid and his sister- are cast

on vastly different journeys into the future


I believe this picture will be of great interest to people everywhere Funny, warm and scored with a wide-range of music,

This movie will have tremendous popular appeal.

A simple, yet emotional story about love- lost and gained

Amid the adventures of time traveling siblings from a prehistoric world

I have written THE HEARPE to promote non-violence and world peace.

I’m particularly enthused about it’s music- from many historical periods Gregorian chant, classical, folk, swing, modern pop-

Woven through our tale, as tribe members move through time,

experiencing the joyful progress of art, music and technology-

alongside the growing ravages of war-

A CD of proposed music is included, YOURS TO KEEP AND ENJOY !

Pop this in your CD player when you have some free time

I’m sure you’ll like the timeless selections in THE HEARPE


And see that it would make a dynamite soundtrack album!

Also enclosed is a DVD, also yours to keep.

The introduction to THE HEARPE is similar to “PROCESSION”

a short Super 8 film I produced in college

to music of the same name by THE MOODY BLUES.

My name is Nancy Wilson-

I graduated in Journalism Education from Indiana University

And have had further education in television and media

at CSU Dominguez Hills and L.A. City College,

and have since been a teacher and employed in video production.

I have always been an avid reader and film fan

I am interested in peace, environmentalism, promoting social harmony health and well-being. I have practiced Yoga for 25 years

I am a musician and have composed some original theme music for this film.

If you enjoy THE HEARPE, please feel free to contact me.

From the moment I began writing it, this project has exceeded my expectations. It is one of those scripts that seemed to write itself.

I hope you will see the potential in THE HEARPE-

I want to find a creative team that will make this picture a huge success!

Please feel free to contact me anytime.



Nancy Wilson

 Indiana University-

Journalism Education 1977 

experienced in photography,

film, television and teaching

She is a writer of books, letters poetry and screenplays-

a musician who plays piano and classical guitar


Additional works


More than a memoir- an expansive autobiography.

Life through the eyes of a youth marching to a different drummer

Poignant and entertaining- it speaks for a generation


IN THE CROSSFIRE - a journal 440 pages

An experience on the road. It chronicles a year’s journey

to California - surviving on welfare

and being assaulted, as Los Angeles rioted.

No undercover account could ever be as real



a transexual's poetic diary

135 pages

The genesis of a writing career-

the joys and angst of a transgendered woman

beginning her journey to the other side